Wine Preservation

The moment you open a bottle of wine, exposure to air begins to change the wine's flavor, color, and aroma. Preservino products use Argon gas to Lock in Freshness. Our new Champagne products are the first in the world to protect the Bubbles and Flavor of your fine sparkling wines. Open a bottle today and revel in the same delicious taste many days later without spoilage. Preservino allows you to open your fine wines more often, knowing that you'll enjoy every drop.

The Preservino Advantage

Wine oxidizes when exposed to air, causing a distinctive sherry-like off-odor and brownish tint that is increasingly recognizable with wine consumption experience.

When wine tannins are oxidized, hydrogen peroxide is produced which subsequently oxidizes ethanol into acetaldehyde - the principal compound producing the oxidized odor and masking the wine's fragrance. On opening a bottle, acetaldehyde generation can be detected within as little as two to eight hours, depending on varietal, age, amount of wine contact with air, temperature, etc. White wines and older reds are particularly susceptible to oxidation damage.

The biggest factor in oxidation is the amount of wine surface contact with air following opening and pouring. Therefore, wine preservation products that are most effective at reducing air contact with the wine surface will best reduce oxidation.



"The wine without Preservino wine preservation was unswallowable after 14 days. The wine with Preservino wine preservation was still very good to drink."
Georg Riedel - President, Riedel Crystal

""With Preservino, the wine stays perfectly fresh, so we can pour it with confidence for many days! Preservino has eliminated all of the spoilage in our Wine by the Glass Program! 
Lidia Valledor - Cafe Zoetrope, Francis Ford Coppola Presents, San Francisco, CA

Preserves wine at least 10 days in our test.......(with the Preservino) you don't have to resist the urge to open a great bottle for fear that what's left will go bad......Wine shelves aren't short on gizmos.........but the tools that make the most sense to us are the ones that manage the one element wine has a love-hate relationship with oxygen.
Sunset Magazine-Sara Schneider (Wine Editor)


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